The primary purpose of this blog is to create a discussion forum on how each individual American citizen has a responsibility to share in the common cause of rebuilding the USA as laid out in the Constitution and our forefathers.  The use of any of the following will not be accepted or approved for publication, vulgarity, profanity, racism, violence, discourteous behavior or all caps.

Each of us have our own circumstances that govern our thinking and actions that embellish our individuality, however, what we do, what others do and what leadership does affects the common good of all Americans.

Please do not think or be influence by our differences in politics, religion, race, gender or culture, but focus on how each American citizen has the responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the USA.  Whether you are a rich person, poor person, politician, clergy person, laborer, professional of any field or whatever you consider yourself please think in terms of responsible unity.

Any subject matter can be discussed, but as of this date our political leadership and future leadership would be appropriate.  We need to tell them they are working for the benefit of all the citizens, and not for party affiliation, special interests or themselves.  The bickering going on in the USA political institution is so  childish and and has divided this country,  it’s time for we, the American citizens, tell them we want our problems resolved.   Our so-called leaders need to hear from you, and your thoughts on responsible unity.

It’s time for the average American citizen to speak out and take action, together we can make a difference and solidify America’s position in the world.

The floor is yours.